​On March 27, 2020, President Trump ​signed the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill into law. The law provides money to the following:

  • ​$100 billion to hospitals
  • ​$350 billion to small companies
  • ​$500 billlion to corporations

The money allocated to corporations and small companies is particularly susceptible to abuse. Because the law was passed during a crisis, and because corporations and small companies need access to money during this crisis, this pressure to approve loans and grants that makes the programs susceptible to fraudsters. 

If you know of fraud related to the coronavirus stimulus bill, please contact me. The government is very interested in weeding out fraud in this program (and all federal programs). THIS MONEY IS BEING SPENT TO HELP PEOPLE AFFECTED BY THE CORONAVIRUS - NOT LINE THE POCKETS OF FRAUDSTERS.

I can be reached at pepper@jamespepperlaw or 215-340-2500.